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Pre-Planning Funeral Services

How Do I Begin The Pre-Planning Process?

You have already taken the first step if you are here! Congratulations! Next, it is helpful to have a conversation with one of our knowledgeable and caring funeral directors. They are here to help guide and provide support, answer every questions, and walk with you through each step. If you are interested in meeting, please give us a call at 413-733-5311 (reaches all four locations) or email us at to set up a pre-planning appointment. If you are at a distance, we will provide guidance over the telephone.

If you are not ready to set up an in-person appointment, you can begin the pre-planning process from the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to be mailed a Pre-Planning Guide, please click here to fill out your contact information. If you’d like to begin the Pre-Planning process online, click here. 

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Why Should I Pre-Plan? 

Pre-planning your final wishes may seem like a difficult topic to broach, but that is why we are here to help. We want to help ease your mind by going over the benefits of pre-planning. 

Peace of Mind: Pre-planning your funeral brings peace of mind that your family will have your continuity of caring, even after death. When a loved one passes, making the arrangement decisions and the financial expenses can be overwhelming, especially when you are grieving. Pre-planning helps bring some relief for your surviving family members so that they can focus on remembering, honoring, and being grateful for your life. 

Tailored to Your Wishes: Pre-Planning helps your family know your wishes. It is often a difficult topic to discuss ahead of time. Many times it makes it hard for the family to know what you truly would want. By pre-planning, your family understands your wishes and how you would want your life to be honored and remembered.Pre-Planning allows you to custom tailor services and other choices. You can be assured that your decisions and services details will be carried out the way you want them, and specific to your personality, beliefs, and tastes. 

Be Financially Prepared: Pre-Planning helps to be financially prepared for the future. Pre-Planning allows you to continue to live your life. Pre-planning is just another item on the “to do list” to accomplish. Advanced planning your funeral, celebration of life, and cremation arrangements are along the lines of Wills, Power of Attorneys, Advanced Healthcare Directives, and other important details. Once they are in order, you will have a sense of ease knowing things are taken care of for the future.


Start Pre-Planning Today

We want to make the pre-planning process as comforting as possible for you. You can choose to begin pre-planning by making an in-person appointment, filling out our online pre-planning form, or requesting a free pre-planning guide to be mailed to you! 

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