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Choosing Burial

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Burial is a more a permanent way to honor and memorialize your loved one. It provides a permanent residence, a place to visit, a historical home, genealogy for generations, and the comfort knowing where your loved one is placed for eternity. Your loved one’s burial may be simple, unique, or detailed.

Our compassionate funeral directors are here to walk with you through each step of the process from picking the casket or permanent urn placement, to contacting the cemetery. They will help you create a burial service that is customized to your loved one’s tastes, style, and beliefs. We want to ensure that their life is honored and celebrated in the way that best pleases your family. 

Our funeral directors are experienced and will ensure that every detail of a burial is handled with care and excellence. Each of our directors have extensive knowledge of cemeteries in Springfield, MA, East Longmeadow, MA, Agawam, MA, Southwick, MA, as well as other cemeteries across Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. We know that this is a difficult time and strive to provide each and every family the best personal care.

What Are Some Burial Options? 

  • Graveside Services: These gatherings tend to be more intimate in nature. Graveside services can include everything from having a religious leader conduct the ceremony, family members speak, masonic rites, military honors, music, a tent and chairs. This is an individual event.
  • Committal Services: This is a service where family and friends gather to bring their loved one to their final resting place in conjunction with other ceremonies at the funeral home and/or church. This again, may be as elaborate or simple as you envision incorporating the military, speakers, music, tent, chairs, etc.
  • Immediate Burials: For those who find themselves in need of a burial service only. 
*For Unexpected Deaths, Please Call 911*

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Veteran Burial Services

We have a strong belief in honoring those who have served in the Armed Forces and therefore are proud to provide options for Veteran Burial Services and securing proper Veterans Benefits. 

The Military Funeral Honors (MFH) ceremony consists of the folding and presentation of the United States flag to the veterans' family and the playing of Taps. The ceremony is performed by the military funeral honors detail consisting of at least two members of the Armed Forces. The service details provided by the military honors expand, depending on criteria of the military and the individual veteran’s service history.

To learn more about our Veteran Funeral Services, click here. 

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Final Memorialization

Having a permanent place - in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden - that can be visited regularly by family and friends is an essential part of the time following a death. 

You can learn more about memorialization options here.  

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Choosing A Final Resting Place

Serving the local Springfield, Agawam, Southwick, and East Longmeadow communities with intimate funeral and cremation services, we have gained long lasting connections with the local cemeteries. These local cemeteries have served the Springfield and surrounding areas for generations with compassion and exceptional attention to detail. In the below list, we have listed the cemeteries near you. We welcome you to browse the below cemeteries to find the perfect final resting place for your lost loved one.


Hillcrest Park Cemetery & Crematorium                                       
1057, 895 Parker St, Springfield, MA 01129

Springfield Crematorium                                                                 
25 Mill St, Springfield, MA 01108

Recommended Cemeteries

Springfield, MA

Gate of Heaven Cemetery                                                              421 Tinkham Road, Springfield, MA                                         
(413) 782-4731

St. Aloysius Cemetery                                                                   
1273 Berkshire Avenue, Indian Orchard, MA                               
(413) 733-8140

St. Michael’s Cemetery                                                               
1601 State Street, Springfield, MA                                             
(413) 733-0659

Hillcrest Park Cemetery                                                                 
895 Parker Street, Springfield, MA                                           
(413) 782-2311

Oak Grove Cemetery                                                                   
426 Bay Street, Springfield, MA                                                     
(413) 739-2127

Springfield Cemetery                                                                   
171 Maple Street, Springfield, MA                                               
(413) 732-0712

East Longmeadow, MA

Longmeadow Cemetery                                                             
Williams Street, Longmeadow, MA                                           
(413) 244-7215                                                                                  http://longmeadowcemetery.org/

Baptist Village Cemetery                                                       
Hampden Road, East Longmeadow, MA                                 
(413) 566-8105

Billings Hill Cemetery                                                                   
250 Pease Road, East Longmeadow, MA

Green Lawn Cemetery                                                             
Callender Avenue, East Longmeadow, MA

Agawam, MA

Massachusetts Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery                               
1390 Main Street, Agawam, MA                                               
(413) 821-9500                                                                                  https://www.cem.va.gov/ 

Agawam Center Cemetery                                                             
820 Main Street, Agawam, MA                                                 
(413) 786-5399                                                                                  https://agawamcentercemetery.com/

Springfield Street Cemetery                                                       
1078 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills, MA                               
(413) 789-2330

Southwick, MA

New Cemetery                                                                             
354 College Highway, Southwick, MA

Wilbraham, MA

Adams Cemetery                                                                         
153 Tinkham Road, Wilbraham, MA                                             
(413) 596-6700

East Wilbraham Cemetery                                                           
3244 Boston Road, Wilbraham, MA                                           
(413) 596-9287

Glendale Cemetery                                                                           
393 Glendale Road, Wilbraham, MA                                         
(413) 596-2404

Somers, CT

Somers Center Cemetery                                                               
81 Battle Street, Somers, CT                                                           
(860) 763-4021

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Chicopee, MA

St. Stanislaus Cemetery                                                                
800 Montgomery Street, Chicopee, MA                                   
(413) 594-6669                                                                                  https://ststansbasilica.org/

St. Rose de Lima Cemetery                                                            
49 Olden Street, Chicopee, MA                                                 
(413) 536-6298

Calvary/ St. Patrick’s Cemeteries                                       
Hampden Street/Fuller Road, Chicopee, MA                           
(413) 594-8700

Fairview Cemetery                                                                       
687 Front Street, Chicopee, MA                                               
(413) 594-3481                                                                                  https://www.chicopeema.gov/384/Fairview-Cemetery

Chicopee Street Cemetery                                                             
228 Chicopee Street, Chicopee, MA

East Street Cemetery                                                                     
70 East Street, Chicopee, MA                                                       
(413) 594-3481                                                                                  https://www.chicopeema.gov/384/Fairview-Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery                                                           
Auburn Street, Chicopee, MA                                                 
(413) 594-3481                                                                                   https://www.chicopeema.gov/384/Fairview-Cemetery

Hampden, MA

St. Mary’s Cemetery                                                                         
31 Scantic Road, Hampden, MA                                                 
(413) 566-8843

Prospect Hill Cemetery                                                                 
Scantic Road, Hampden, MA                                                           
(413) 566-2151 (ext. 111)

Old Cemetery                                                                                Chapin Road, Hampden, MA                                                     
(413) 566-2151 (ext. 111)

Westfield, MA

Pine Hill Cemetery                                                                       
140 W. Silver Street, Westfield, MA                                                 
(413) 568-7026

St. Mary’s Cemetery                                                                     
203 Southampton Road, Westfield, MA                                         
(413) 568-7775                                                                                  http://www.diospringfieldcemeteries.org/index.php?page=st-mary 

West Springfield, MA

St. Thomas the Apostle Cemetery                                             
Kings Highway, West Springfield, MA                                     
(413) 739-4779                                                                                  https://www.stthomaswestspringfield.org/

Paucatuck Cemtery                                                                     
255 Sibley Avenue, West Springfield, MA

Enfield, CT

St. Patrick’s Cemetery                                                                 
1558 King Street, Enfield, CT                                                         
(860) 745-2411                                                                                  https://www.straymondenfield.org/

St. Adalbert Cemetery                                                                      Belmont Avenue, Enfield, CT                                                   
(860) 745-4837

Suffield, CT

Zions Hill Cemetery                                                                     
1237 Hill Street, Suffield, CT

First Baptist Church Cemetery                                                   
1217 Hill Street, Suffield, CT

West Suffield Cemetery                                                                 
878 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT

Old Center Cemetery                                                                     
36 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT

St. Joseph’s Cemetery                                                                   
Hill Street, Suffield, CT                                                                      (860) 745-2464

Woodlawn Cemetery                                                                   
410-453 Bridge Street, Suffield, CT

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