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We provide cremation options that fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your choices.

While burial with a casket is typically considered the more traditional route when deciding on services, cremation has become a preference amongst many families in recent years. 

You may be wondering, "Why choose cremation?"

Families choose cremation for various reasons such as flexibility, memorialization options, affordability, or even travel. Whatever your reason may be, know that our caring funeral directors are here to answer each question and handle every detail. 

Cremation Options for Springfield and Surrounding Areas

Please know that cremation does not limit you,
 rather it gives you a variety of options.

  • Type of Gathering or Service: With cremation, there is more flexibility in the type and style of gathering or service you decide to hold. With cremation, you do not have to hold your service in the traditional style setting. Our funeral home will create an atmosphere most fitting for your family with soft furniture and conversational settings or a more traditional setup. You may also hold the gathering at a your loved one’s favorite venue and we can assist to create that into a meaningful setting.
  • Final Disposition: With cremation, you have more choices as to the type of vessel in which your loved one’s cremated remains can be placed. There are a myriad of beautifully designed and unique urns available, some being truly pieces of art; some of which can be found here. Cremation also allows for more unique options for final disposition, such as scattering in special places, keeping your loved one within your home, or continuing with a permanent memorial in a cemetery. 
  • Memorialization: With cremation, you are not limited to a monument or marker in a cemetery to create a lasting memorial. Cremation allows for unique memorials such as additional choices of plaques, a tree or a bench at a cemetery or memorial park, living memorials, or even beautiful jewelry pieces. These types of memorial pieces can be treasured immediately after the passing of your loved one, as well as passed down for many generations. 

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